"If you work on your mind with your mind how can you avoid an immense confusion?"


  1. Working on your mind with your mind only gets you more confusion of mind. Building a bigger idol only gets you a bigger idol.
    Dismantling the mind reveals soul, shining far more brightly that any mind. In that soul is God, itself, not just a symbol that represents it.

  2. True..! Mind is a wall between God and soul.By removing the 'wall' we are 'there'. Thanks The Crow for sharing your valuable insights.Best wishes.

  3. I've never seen you ask a question before, Surjit. Maybe you didn't ask it as much as 'pose' it. Either way, it got my attention :)
    This could be a whole new approach to teaching the unteachable. To pose a question, not because you seek an answer, but to invite consideration of the concept.

  4. Yes, I agree with you to some extent when you say:
    ...to invite consideration of the concept.' We can only share our views because no answer is final. But sharing just expands your horizon which is always beneficial. Thanks The Crow. Best wishes.(Undoubtedly , you are a man of wisdom.) Stay blessed.

  5. No answer is final? Do you mean to say there is no ultimate truth? Or perhaps you refer to paradox?
    An appreciation of paradox is essential to spiritual development, since no truth is without it. This means that no truth is only right, but both right and wrong, together, depending entirely upon where the judge stands.
    Of course, removal of the judge has no effect on what is being judged. It remains what it is, anyway.

  6. There are three kinds of truth..your truth..my truth and the truth and I agree with you when you say :..'It remains what it is, anyway. Thanks The Crow. Best wishes.