A certain person came to the Friend's door and knocked.
"Who's there?"
"It's me."
The Friend answered, "Go away.  There's no place for raw meat at this table."
The individual went wandering for a year.
Nothing but the fire of separation can change hypocrisy and ego.
The person returned completely cooked,walked up and down in front of the Friend's house,gently knocked.
"Who is it?"
"Please come in, my self,
there's no place in this house for two.
The doubled end of the thread is not what goes throughthe eye of the needle.
It's a single-pointed, fined-down, thread end,not a big ego-beast with baggage."



  1. Happy Healthy Loving New Year to you, dear Surjit

  2. Thanks Jody for your good wishes and wish you the same.God bless.