Jan 23, 2014

 Accept a misfortune as if it were a fortune. 
 For a misfortune, once understood, is transformed into a fortune.
 While a fortune misconstrued quickly becomes a misfortune.
(Mikhail Naimy)

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At January 23, 2014, Anonymous Jody said...

Well said. That perspective is always useful, and so helpful as well in changing a mood.

Blessings to you, dear one:)

At January 23, 2014, Blogger surjit singh said...

Yes, you are perfectly right Jody.Thanks for sharing your insights...Best wishes..!!

At January 23, 2014, Blogger Ankita said...

nice lines...the most important thing is to manage pain and get over it, it does mot matter much how you do it, what you assume to get out of the darkness. such a thinking will only make us grow stronger and mature.

At January 23, 2014, Blogger surjit singh said...

Yes Ankita.If we pass through pain in our lives,God has a purpose in it ...to make us stronger.So we should take it in our stride.Thanks for sharing your insights.Best wishes.

At January 25, 2014, Blogger mindbodymaths said...

Perfect. Thanks.

At January 25, 2014, Blogger surjit singh said...

Welcome and thanks mindbodymaths.Best wishes.


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