Jul 20, 2013

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At July 20, 2013, Anonymous AS said...

thats very true

At July 21, 2013, Blogger surjit singh said...

Thanks A S for liking my post..Best wishes..!!

At July 22, 2013, Blogger The Crow said...

That's funny: I wrote almost exactly the same words twenty years ago.
It's an important distinction that very few people ever note.

At July 23, 2013, Blogger surjit singh said...

Yes, you are right The Crow..I am 20 years behind you..HA!HA!

At July 24, 2013, Blogger The Crow said...

You're 20 years behind? Lucky you!
Beware: the road ahead can be rocky :)

At July 24, 2013, Blogger surjit singh said...

Yes,you are right..The road ahead is very slippery..Caution at every step is required..Thanks The Crow..!!


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