Chuang Tzu Story - The need to win

When an archer is shooting for fun
He has all his skill.
If he shoots for a brass buckle
He is already nervous.
If he shoots for a prize of gold
He goes blind
Or sees two targets –
He is out of his mind.
His skill has not changed,
But the prize divides him.
He cares
He thinks more of winning
Than of shooting –
And the need to win



  1. Ah, desire. The making of a man into a crazy thing.

  2. Yes,desires making mankind crazy.That is why Buddha said that if you want happiness,be desireless.
    Thanks The Crow.

  3. I know what you say is true, but American culture presses us to believe that without desire, we'll accomplish nothing. It's hard to stand firm and work towards pure acceptance.

  4. In a way, American culture is right. Not much gets accomplished without desire. On the other hand, what is there to accomplish?

  5. Yes,you are right The Crow.If American philosophy is right then Americans should be the most happy people..Are they???
    Thanks Rose King and The Crow.