1. Aha! Another Surjit gem.
    That is something to ponder, and employ.

  2. Thanks The Crow.You are right in saying that these words are to live by..

  3. Easy to write, harder to do.
    People are monsters, mostly.
    They seem only able to destroy.
    Unable to see that this is not their function.
    I coud be wrong, though...
    Maybe it actually is their function.

    I am currently emulating a rabbit that has adopted me.
    This rabbit is a fine teacher.
    The only thing it destroys is my garden.
    And even then, the garden is not destroyed.
    It seems to do even better after the attentions of the rabbit.
    It chases raccoons, for fun.

  4. Why judgement???People will remain as... they have been created...They are performing the 'designated' roles as you and me. (as you have mentioned)
    Thanks The Crow.