Why do we say 'human being' and not 'being human?' 
The 'being' preceded and formed the 'human,' after all.
 I think I prefer the term 'Being-human.'(Sandra Eggers)


  1. I prefer the term: "Human Bean".
    This term removes all the self-importance humans are so prone to exhibit, and renders them somewhat foolish, which I find to be a useful perspective.
    Or sometimes; "Human Been".
    Which suggests "been there, done that", as a cue to move on to higher things.

  2. ..'Been' there on earth and back Home..
    Thanks The Crow.

  3. Being human sounds more apt in contemporary conditions.
    Very thoughtful expression.

  4. Welcome and thanks Malathy Badri for sharing your insights. I fully agree that 'being human' is what we need in today's chaotic conditions..