..A True Prayer.....
Jalaluddin Rumi tells the Lord, “I am weak, O Lord! If I ever ask for something from You, please don’t listen to me. And even if You do, please don’t act upon it. Let Your Will alone be fulfilled. My happiness lies in what pleases You. I don’t even understand what is good for me! Whatever You do is right, even if I don’t understand it.”
Is prayer meant to change the Will of God or to change us? A true prayer begins as a request to change oneself and culminates in a tranquil.... silent and thoughtless state of mind.
On the other hand, any request to change circumstances cannot be called a prayer.

(Gurudev Shri Rakeshbha)


  1. Wow. That was a good post.
    So very true.
    Nice one, Surjit :)

  2. Thanks The Crow.
    God bless.