Waking,Dreaming and Deep Sleep

"There are three states of consciousness known to us i.e. waking, dream and deep- sleep.
Our life is a cycle of these three states of existence.When we are awake,we experience the world of things, beings,emotions and thoughts.It folds back and dissolves as soon as we leave the waking state.
Similarly when we are dreaming,we take the form of a dreamer and experience the emotions and thoughts as long as we are in the dream state of consciousness. This world is totally different from waking world.It also folds back and dissolves as soon as we leave the dream state.
Again, when we are sleeping without dreams, we take the form of a 'deep- sleeper'. In this state we experience a blankness or nothingness.It lasts as long as we are in the deep- sleep state.Our life ,therefore, revolves around these three states of consciousness, three distinct worlds.
So what we are: a waker, a dreamer or the deep-sleeper.
The waker is not the same as the dreamer or the deep-sleeper is not as the waker.
Then what is our real self.??????


  1. When we are very much concerned about our own wishes and desires we are dreamers, when we are ignorant of the sufferings of the world around we are in deep sleep. It is only when a person thinks of the good of all that he is a waker: 'Sarbat da bhala'.
    This is what came to my mind after reading your post, I don't know whether I am right or wrong.

  2. Shubhajit,we are, I think, only a 'witness'.
    Thanks for sharing your insights.God bless.

  3. Amritbir Kaur Ji, you are perfectly right.You have given perfect meaning to my post.I fully admire your insights.Thanks for sharing.
    God bless.

  4. A fourth state: God Consciousness.
    Everything, Everywhere, Always.
    Once this state is realized, it always exists, and always has.
    Although, one may often lose sight of it :)

  5. Yes,'God Consciousness'exists whether we loose site of it or not..
    Thanks The Crow for sharing your wisdom.
    God bless.