Inner And Outer world

"The world is not the same to all people.Each one lives in his or her own little domain.Peace and harmony may reside in one person's world, strife and grief in another's world.
But whatever be the circumstances of one's environment, it consists of both an inner and an outer world. The outside world is the one in which our life is engaged in action and interaction.The world inside us determine our happiness or unhappiness.
To exist in this world without peace of mind is to dwell in a kind of hell. The mind in chaos finds chaos all round. But the man of divine perceptions finds the earth a blissful abode.
So let us  try to quiet the outgoing mental restlessness and turn the mind within and practice even minded calmness all the time."


  1. The ability and willingness to focus on going inside and quieting your own mind brings peace with it. It is such a blessing to quiet your mind and have calm in your life no matter what the world choces to do.

  2. So true!!!!Thanks Cinderella for sharing your valuable insights.
    God bless.

  3. There's almost nothing about the world of men that is a blissful abode.
    Men are generally mad, and getting madder all the time.
    There's nothing about bliss, either, to recommend it as a default state.
    There will be plenty of time for bliss, after, in spite of everything, we have made our contribution to the crazy circus of life.
    Or not.
    There certainly is bliss, that is a proven fact. Knowing it exists is enough to fuel the living of this physical life.
    Bliss is the reward.
    Not the purpose.

  4. Yes,in order to get the reward we have to set a goal(purpose)and work hard for it.But again,it can't be earned is 'Bestowed'.Still efforts have to be become eligible.
    Thanks The Crow for sharing your valuable insights.
    God bless.

  5. Bestowed:)
    Yes, that's a good word to use.
    Still, there must be contribution.
    Even if that contribution is to add to the general peace, simply by not making war.
    Engaging with reality is important, rather than passively avoiding it.
    There is a difference between sitting alone on a mountain top, and being the mountain, itself.

  6. Yes I agree.To be ....'the mountain, itself...' we have to ...'turn the mind within..'(last line of the post)
    Thanks The Crow for adding your inspiring thoughts to my post.
    God bless.

  7. Ha :)
    You'd do just fine, probably better, without my squawking beak.
    But you know what crows are like...

  8. Oh yes!!!Embodiment of wisdom..
    Thanks The Crow for sharing it.
    God bless.