A Guide For Old Souls

The first thing we have to find out  is whether  I am  an old soul?
How you do this is to look at your sensitivity.  How sensitive are you to other people and their needs?  Can you always see other's point of view and do you recognize these points of view when coming to decisions?   Do you put other people first?
If the answer is yes you are certainly an old soul as you are exhibiting all the signs of EMPATHY.
The other attributes of an old soul are:
The need for quiet and space at times from others.
Having been bullied at some time in your life or felt that you were an outsider.
Emotions and feelings that are not your own.
Very little interest in politics or current affairs.
A sense that life evolves but it never really changes and with that a sense of sadness.
The ability to create in life whatever you want, but then when you get what you wanted, a sadness as the realisation dawns on you that this achievement gives you no satisfaction.
A thirst to understand who you are.
A strong desire for Peace, Quiet and Contentment.
A sense of failure when you realise that you cannot help someone close to you.
Feeling guilty that you are selfish.
A desire to be of value to Society.
A need to feel love and to meet someone who understands you.
Continually trying to improve yourself.
Competing not with others but with yourself.
A thirst for knowledge so that
So now you recognize that you are an old Soul.  What next?
The most important matter you have to realise is that your journey in life is an inward journey, rather than an external journey.
What I mean by this, is that to understand who you are and why things happen to you you must first travel to your inner self to look for the answers. You will never find the answers you are looking for externally.
I am not going to say to you that this journey is easy because it means addressing and understanding your fears, what motivates you, and finally, it means removing the shell or armour that you have created to protect yourself from being hurt.
So how do you do this?  First, you have to recognise that everything that happens to you, is because of the person you portray to the outside world.  Secondly, everything that happens to you is your fault.
Once you start to recognise this you can start to modify your actions so that you can create the outcomes that are more in harmony with your SOUL need.
Peter Dolding

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