Three Kinds of Laziness

 Buddha described three kinds of laziness.
First there is the kind of laziness we all know: we don't want to do anything, and we'd rather stay in bed half an hour later than get up and meditate. 
Second, there is the laziness of feeling ourselves unworthy, the laziness of thinking, "I can't do this. Other people can meditate, other people can be mindful, other people can be kind and generous in difficult situations, but I can't, because I'm too stupid." Or, alternatively, "I'm always an angry person;" "I've never been able to do anything in my life;" "I've always failed, and I'm bound to fail." This is laziness.

The third kind of laziness is being busy with worldly things. We can always fill up the vacuum of our time by keeping ever so busy. Being occupied may even make us feel virtuous. But usually it's just a way of escape. 

When I came out of the cave, some people said, "Don't you think that solitude was an escape?" And I said, "An escape from what?" There I was—no radio, no newspapers, no one to talk to. Where was I going to escape to? When things came up, I couldn't even telephone a friend. I was face-to-face with who I was and with who I was not. There was no escape. 
Our ordinary lives are so busy, our days are so full, but we never have any space even to sit for a minute and just be. That's escape. One of my aunts always kept the radio on, or the television. She didn't like silence. Silence worried her. Background noise rang out at all times. And we're all like that. 
We're afraid of silence—outer silence, inner silence. When there's no noise going on outside we talk to ourselves—opinions and ideas and judgments and rehashes of what happened yesterday or during our childhood; what he said to me; what I said to him. Our fantasies, our daydreams, our hopes, our worries, our fears. There is no silence. Our noisy outer world is but a reflectioof the noise inside: our incessant need to be occupied, to be doing something......(Jetsunma Tenzin Palmon)


  1. On the contrary when one becomes silent, he is more active inside. Calm outside, working inside and working outside, calm inside at the same time. That's the beauty of silence!

  2. Wonderfully expressed. Sitting quietly and just being seems to terrify most people, and yet it's the most beautiful thing in the world

  3. Almost nobody will understand this.
    I know: Silence is my oxygen.
    People despise me for it and think me mad. I seek peace, and others make war on me for it.
    He makes war on us, they say, with his peace. He is antisocial.
    Awareness is a fine thing, but it comes at a price.

  4. Thanks Shubhajit.I agree with your views that... 'when one becomes silent, he is more active inside...'
    That is why it is said silence is golden.

  5. You have rightly said Nothing profound."It takes only two years to learn to talk but a lifetime to learn to keep (y)our mouth shut.
    Thanks for sharing your views.

  6. I fully endorse your concern The Crow.But silence will remain priceless.
    Thanks for sharing your valuable insights.
    God bless.

  7. Sharp reminder--bull's eye!

    Gotta stop being lazy. Particularly #1 and #2.

    Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Thanks Rizal.I shall follow you too.HA!HA!