Supreme Truth

 The following is an extract from conversation between Ashtavakra and King Janaka.
Ashtavakra was a sage in ancient India  and was known to be a very intelligent and spiritually well advanced  who realized self.
 King Janaka was a seeker after the Supreme Truth.

Janaka Asked: "Oh Lord, how does one attain to wisdom?
How does liberation happen?
And how is non-attachment attained?"

Ashtavakra replied: "Oh beloved, if you want liberation then renounce the passions as poison, and take forgiveness, innocence, compassion, contentment and truth as nectar. To attain liberation, know yourself as the witnessing consciousness of all these.
If you can seperate yourself from your physical body and rest in consciousness, then this very moment you will be happy, at peace and free of bondage.
Unattached and without form, You are the witness of the whole universe. Know this and be happy.
 Religion and atheism, happiness and misery - all are of the mind, they are not for you. You are not the doer nor the enjoyer. You have always been liberated."

I am the doer," thus has the black serpent of ego bitten you. 

"I am not the doer," drink this divine nectar of trust and be happy.
I am the one pure awareness," thus having burned the forest of your ignorance with this fire of certainty and being beyond sorrow, be happy.

You are that bliss, that ultimate bliss, within which this imaginary world is projected like a snake on a rope.
He who considers himself free is free, and he who considers himself bound is bound.
So awaken in the feeling that you are the unchanging, conscious, non dual soul.
Know that which has form is false, and know the formless as unchangeable and everlasting. From this true understanding one is not born in the world again.
Just as a mirror exists in the image reflected in it, and also exists apart from the reflection. God is within and outside this body.
Just as cloth when analyzed is nothing but thread, this universe when analyzed is nothing but the soul. From the ignorance of the soul this world then appears; from knowing the soul it does not appear. "


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  2. Any crow knows this.
    Truth that lies beyond truths.
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