Going with the Flow

"In our society, we often use the phrase, “Go with the flow.” Many of us have not given any thought as to what that means. Going with the flow means moving with the flow of events...... moving with the present, and  not fighting against it. The present is also known as “current.”
It is the energy of one event happening after another. By staying connected with the current, we flow with it. With flow, we are no longer resisting the events of our life. We understand that every event that occurs in our life had to happen exactly as it did.

The spiritual person moves with the flow of the present. He doesn’t spend time wishing that this moment were anything different than what it already is. He experiences it, accepts it, and makes a decision about how he will see it. 
He spends no time on how the situation could have been, should have been, or would have been. He accepts now and flows with it."