A new Olympic event  called "Paying Attention" ..
there he is, representing  geographic region #32
winning the gold  for fitting more life
into thirty seconds than anyone else .
How does he do it? the reporters ask—
"consciousness recognizing... opportunity as eternity
renders itself motiveless void of benchmarks,
life being boundless" .
The judges are there, using sophisticated intuition equipment (i.e. their hearts)
measuring each athlete's
heart range ..by degrees of a circle,
the more encompassed ,the more open and full ,
the deeper.. the more oceanic, the more beautiful ....
 closer to gold
(short zen poems)


  1. concentration helps a lot in success....rightly said
    thanks Surjitji

  2. Thanks Lakshmi Ji.I agree with your views.
    God bless.

  3. Surjit,

    We have already won the real gold by being born. The only real measure is how we reach out.

  4. Very well said Alexis Fairfield.
    Thanks for sharing.
    God bless.