" People often believe that seeking is part and parcel of human nature.But it is not so.Vengeance is an whereas is the natural instinct of our being.We are aware of the fact that highest level of cannot be achieved without the highest level of restraint. And when practised,it leads to ,which in turn leads to humility.And as we know, humility means ."
"vengeance taken will often tear the heart and torment the
"The noblest vengeance is to


  1. You are so right! If one takes revenge one hurts one's self more than one knows!

  2. Thanks desiree, for sharing for adding your valuable views.Best wishes.

  3. For us to do most things, whether it is a reaction or thought it is most likely our flesh and not our spiritual wellbeing that wants not to be controlled. It is great to see inspirational writings like yours. Centering Christ in every fiber of your humanity is the true accomplishment and total fulfillment. Love and be favored. All glory to Jesus.
    Humble yourself in the site of the Lord and He shall lift you up. James 5:10

  4. Thanks christinahancock,for your noble and insightful views. I am looking forward to your valued participation in future too. I am grategul to for your blessings. My good wishes.

  5. Vengence is a strong desire under certain circumstances. It can often be difficult to "restrain" oneself in the heat of the moment, but I can't agree more with you.

    Humility is the true road to freedom. Freedom from the desire for vengence, and humility does come from reliance on God.

    Great quote too:
    "The noblest vengence is to forgive."

  6. Thanks bryan, for adding your nice words and meaningful views.I really value your participation.Best wishes.

  7. It is often said that the answers will come if you are open to receiving them. I have been going through a rough transition to a new job, and my old employer is trying to sue me for something I did not do. I wanted to seek vengeance on them, and have been thinking on it all morning. I then came to read your post. Thank you.

  8. Thanks Beth, for sharing your recent real life experiece.After a few days or months, you will realise that you did the right thing.My best wishes.

  9. Hi surjit... profound!

    I agree that revenge is not a normal human emotion... It is an emotion that comes when we feel separated, when we forget that we are one.

    I truly believe what we do to others we do to ourselves... when we hurt others we hurt ourselves. And, conversely, when we treat others with kindness and love, we are filled with kindness and love.

    Blessings always...


  10. I agree with you,jennifer that when we hurt others, we hurt ourselves.And when we treat others with love,we get the same treatment.Thanks for your valuable views.Best wishes.