Every Day


  1. Dear Surjithji,
    Good Evening!
    I'm so happy to reach here first!:)
    I could relate so well to this thought!simply beautiful!
    I felt very nice reading this inspirational quote!I needed this very badly,today!
    wishing you a wonderful week ahead! Sasneham,

  2. I am glad Anupama Ji that you have liked my post.Thanks for your words of appreciation.
    God bless.

  3. As usual...

    So simple, so thoughtful.

    Like this! :D

  4. hmmmm...but what if we can't find any good??? Often, people say 'whatever God does is for good' no matter whatever it is, but if we can't see some good in the present disappointment then what do we think???
    Your post was a real thought-provoking one...I had to stop myself at these two questions only, otherwise I would have gone on and on.

  5. Yes, it generally happens.But the fact is that what we don't percieve as good at that moment turns out to be a blessing at a later stage.Only then we realise as you said:
    ..'whatever God does is for good' no matter whatever it is..'
    So no 'DUBHIDA'(to be in two minds)
    Thanks Amritbir Kaur Ji for sharing your insights.
    God bless.