At a court banquet, everyone was sitting according to their rank, waiting for the king to appear. A simply dressed man came in and took a seat above everyone else.
The prime minister demanded that he identify himself.
Are you the adviser of a great king?
"No, I rank above a royal adviser."
Are you a prime minsiter?
"No, I outrank a prime minister."

Are you a king in disguise?
"No, I am above that rank as well."
Then you must be God, the prime minister said sarcastically.
"No, I am above that."
There is nothing above God! shouted the prime minister.
The stranger replied calmly,
"Now you know me. That nothing is me."
g g g
( collected by James Fadiman & Robert Frager)


  1. Love that story, Surjit. Thank you….And to think that nothing believes it could thrown itself above Everything. Yet, here we seem to be. Thank God for “seem”.

  2. I fully agree with your views Dave. Thanks for your words of appreciation.
    God bless.

  3. I am glad Anits, you have liked it.
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  4. LOL!
    That is a great story, and I never heard it before which makes it even better!
    Thank you for sharingyour wisdom with us!

  5. Thanks Buddha, for your encouraging comments.
    God bless.

  6. Hi Surgit!:)

    Such a beautiful quote that I intend to share it with one of my students...thank you for this posting.

    Peace and honour to you my brother.


  7. Thanks my brother Cyrus Rumi, for your words of encouragement.
    God bless.

  8. I can sum up this post of yours in just one word: Brilliant!
    How well said! Indeed we don't need to commend ourselves all the time. Being humble and down to earth is the noblest quality of all.
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. Thanks PakKaramu for your visit.
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  10. Thanks Amritbir Kaur Ji, for sharing your insights to my post making it more meaningful:
    ..'Being humble and down to earth is the noblest quality of all..'
    God bless.