Evil and Pain

"Do you understand a simple fact - evil and pain are the same thing. There's so much to think about.......
Evil and suffering are exactly the same thing, where you have one you have the other.
You get rid of one and you'll get rid of the other. You want to get rid of your pain, your suffering,your heartache?
Get rid of your evil."
Do you agree?
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(Source:A Flight to a Higher Place)


  1. I agree with the views that you have put forward. Afterall, we get in return what we give to the world. We suffer because of our actions only. Even in Shri Guru Granth Sahib it has been written, "Jit kita paiye apna sa ghal buri kyon ghaliye", that is, if we know that if our actions are to boomerang upon us then why should we do bad deeds.

  2. Yes, you are absolutely right Amritbir Kaur Ji.
    There is a famous quote:
    'As you sow, so shall you reap'.
    I admire your deep insights.
    Thanks for sharing a verse from Sri Guru Granth Sahib.
    God bless.

  3. Thank you for your comment and for visiting Wonderwalk. Your blog-site is a wonderful gathering of words to ponder about. Christine http://wonderwalk.wordpress.com

  4. Thanks Christine, for your words of appreciation.
    God bless.