"People often believe that seeking is part and parcel of human nature.
But it is not so.Vengeance is an whereas is the natural instinct of our being. We are aware of the fact that highest level of cannot be achieved without the highest level of restraint.
And when practised, it leads to ,which in turn leads to humility.
Humility means ."
taken will often tear the heart and torment the
Do you agree?
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  1. It's hard for me not to hurt someone when I have been hurt.
    But I admire the strength of the people who don't get revenge.

  2. Yes Loving Annie, I fully agree with your views.The quality of not seeking revenge is God gifted.Not everybody is its recpient.
    Thanks for sharing your views.
    God bless.

  3. hi surjit..if we take time to revenge the person who hurts us..its WASTE of time.. just leave it to god and carry on with our life for betterment.

    best wishes,

  4. Thanks Anits, for sharing your valuable insights:
    ..'just leave it to god and carry on with our life for betterment..'
    God bless.

  5. Yes, I definitely agree. I've never been the type to seek revenge, because other people's lives and lessons are none of my business. I have plenty to occupy myself with regarding my own path.


  6. Lucy LopezJuly 04, 2008

    In modern day speak, vengeance camouflages as 'justice'. When someone has done something deemed 'wrong', 'revolting', 'evil', etc, the 'victim' and their families as well as those not directly related are filled with this implacable need for 'justice' which effectively means ensuring the perpetrator is 'sufficiently' punished. This need to see the other suffer in some way, and preferably to the extent that the victim and his/her family/friends/society has suffered is so strong, there will be no rest until such punishment is meted out. To quote a recent such victim, "there can finally be closure".

    It saddens me when I see this. Does inflicting as (as much)pain on another really help us feel better? How different are we to the perpetrator when we are prepared to willingly hurt them albeit through the distanced and third party agency of the 'justice system'?

    Ghandi so wisely noted: An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

    Thanks for raising this very important question.

  7. Betty, I fully agree with your views:
    ..'other people's lives and lessons are none of my business...'
    Thanks for sharing your insights.
    God bless.

  8. Lucy Lopez,
    I fully agree with your insights:
    ..'Does inflicting as (as much)pain on another really help us feel better?..'
    It will certainly not.
    Thanks for adding your valuable views to my post making it more meaningful.
    God bless.

  9. So true, So true,

    Blessings to you dear friend,


  10. I am glad Maithri, you have liked my post.
    God bless.

  11. Respected and dearest Surjit ji,
    Sat Sri Akal and Pranaam:))
    Hope you and your loved ones are doing fine.
    A thought provoking post, extremely well written :)
    You are so right when you say that vengeance of any form is a complete sin. Not only does that shatter the inner world of the person who seeks vengeance but also destroys the life of the victim.
    And in no way does vengeance grant a feeling of satisfaction and wellbeing.
    Restraint of any hurtful feelings or resentment towards any soul turns to nonviolence and ultimately Humility :))
    And Humility opens up the Gates of Heaven!
    May God grant us the Wisdom and innate Strength to let go of our illfeeling of hatred and revenge.
    My Prayers and love for you always :))

  12. Thanks Krisna Ji, for adding your insights to my post making it more meaningful.
    God bless you and your family.