Thought For The Week End

"Anger comes as a result of our unfulfilled desires. We should, therefore, change the words 'I want' to 'I'm happy with what I have'.

To free ourselves from 'I want' is to cease making withdrawals from our peace account. "
Do you agree?


  1. Hi Surjit,
    I just would like to add a few thoughts about anger. I think you are referring more to uncontrolled anger.
    Anger isn't always bad. Anger is a great tool when used efficiently. It motivates us to do the right thing often. It's when we allow anger to explode or fester and then explode that anger becomes dangerous or bad.

  2. Yes Desiree,you are right in your words:
    ...'It's when we allow anger to explode or fester.... that anger becomes dangerous or bad....'
    Thanks for adding your meaningful views to my post. My best wishes.

  3. Hi Surjit!

    An insightful blog! Untamed desires give rise to attachment. Attachments unfulfilled gives rise to Ignorance which breeds Anger.

    My Humble Understanding from the teachings of The Buddha.



  4. Riv, I have great admiration for teachings of Buddha. And I fully appreciate your truthful thoughts.
    Thanks and good luck.

  5. Hi Surjit,
    That's right... as a result of one unfulfilled desires!

    “Anger always comes from frustrated expectations” - Elliott Larson

    Thus, to have peace, one indeed need to be contented and be happy with what one have!

    Best Wishes

  6. Sam, I like the quote:
    “Anger always comes from frustrated expectations...
    And it sums up the message of my post.Thanks for your contribution.
    Good luck.

  7. We are definitely kindred spirits.

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  8. Thanks Monday Morning Power, for your kind words. I have linked your site.Pl. check it.
    Good luck.

  9. I agree with the happiness concept. "A rich person isn't someone who has everything, but someone who's happy with what he has."

  10. Thanks Amel Realm, for your nice words. I am glad you have liked my views.Best wishes.

  11. Hi Surjit...

    Thy will be done, seems more holy than.. I want more and more!


    Our society sends the message that we should not be satisfied... that we are not valuable unless we are famous, or rich, or brilliant.

    Like you, I think happiness is not about our posessions!

    Blessings to you Surjit,


  12. Jennifer, I agree with your views:
    ....'I think happiness is not about our posessions!'...
    Thanks for adding your insightful thoughts to my post.
    My best wishes.