The Purpose Of Life...

"An Iranian king summoned a philosopher and said to him," I would like you to sum up human life in a few simple words."
"Just give me a week's time," requested the philosopher.
The week passed by quickly.The philosopher returned to the king's court and said,"I believe I have the answer now."

"Give it to me at once," pleaded the king eagerly.

"The lives of of most people can be summed up in these few words, O king," said the philosopher:

"He was born, he grew up in years, he married, he begot children, he died!"
Is this all there is to human life? These words also sum up the life of every animal.
Is not human being's life meant for higher things?

Alas, how few of us realise the true value of human life!
How many of us fritter away this precious gift in trivial pursuits....

Do you agree?


  1. Hi Surjit...

    I completely agree... especially about the "frittering away of life."

    For example...the average american household has the tv on nearly seven hours a day! (6 hours 47 minutes)

    Surjit, what do you think will help people use their time on the Earth more productively, more carefully, more consciously?

    Nice to ponder this... thanks!


  2. Yes Jennifer, we are wasting our precious time on 'unproductive' activities i.e watching tv,talking irrelevently,criticising others for no reason etc etc...the list is long.The need of the hour is to live our life with full awareness..
    Thanks Jennifer, for sharing your views.Best wishes.

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  4. Hi Surjit!

    Thanks for the good post. What is the meaning of life? Alas! This question has been pondered upon by so many great philosophers in the past and present. Is there a satisfactory answer?

    My humble and shallow view is to live life with awareness. When one is aware of every moment, he would be sensitive to the divine teaching in life that every moment is bring him.

    Seek not to find enlightenment in some isolated spot or high up mountains far away. The one fully aware of each moment is able to find spirituality in the daily ordinary.

    My shallow views though.

    Blessings & Smiles,

    WaterLearner (Singapore)

  5. Thanks Beth,for sharing your own life's experiences.God bless you.

  6. Riv, your views are not shallow but are full of wisdom:
    ...'When one is aware of every moment, he would be sensitive to the divine teaching in life that every moment is bring him...'
    I fully agree with your noble thoughts.Your views always inspire me.Thanks and best wishes.God bless you.

  7. Hello Surjit, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! I loved your last post, its full of teachings that make one stop and think deeply for a moment.I agree that a person needs to become aware of the impact you are having on yourself and others around you, then you can live carefully and with humility. Often, we tend to just live in a fog and do what we think is expected of us, without feeling much self awareness.And yes, we then fritter our lives away, seeking things that are not worth much, like gambling, alcohol,hatred, violence, watching t.v. too much...the list is endless. Happy day to you, Jesse

  8. Thanks Jesse, for sharing your valuable thoughts. I fully agree with your point of view:
    ...'we then fritter our lives away, seeking things that are not worth much'....
    My best wishes.

  9. Thanks Ajay Prabhu, for your nice words.Good luck.

  10. hi own view about purpose of life is to live and live well by improving our attituded i mean to be good people that worth of living in that way we will raise up good children and when we die we will be remembered of our good deeds...thx for such a great post usual my friend

  11. Hi Surjit,
    I believe the only way a person can truly know the purpose of life is when the person acknowledge the Almight God as the creator.

    Then, just like any created things that has to fulfilled their roles or objectives; a person will then have to know their purposes from the creator.

    Cars are created to provide us a means of transport. However, if a car consumes too much petrol (takes only) and not able to bring (cannot serve well) one to a destination, then the car is ready to be condemned.

    Replace the car with a person and you can understand what I mean.

    Well, in the bible it is written in Ecclesiastes 12:13-14:
    "Now all has been heard; here is the conclusion of the matter: Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil."

    When one fear God and keep his commandments, a person will then want to find out his purpose in life by doing things that is pleasing to God.

    Hopefully, we can all really keen to find out and understand our purpose of life.

    Blessings to you, Surjit!

  12. Thanks Lilifxt, for sharing your meaningful thoughts.God bless you.

  13. You have put it in a right perspective Sam Chan:
    ....'doing things that is pleasing to God'....
    For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil."

    I think there is nothing more to add.
    I am grateful to you for sharing your noble thoughts.
    God bless you.

  14. I agree also surjit...Sam chan put it very well. Lovely post....I am always so uplifted and comforted when I visit your site. You are a blessing in my life surjit..God Bless~jackie

  15. Thanks Shinade, for your nice and motivating words.I really value your meaningful participation.
    My best wishes.

  16. I believe that following your passion is what we are meant to do, in addition to being born, having kids & death. The problem is most of us are unable to discern between passion and the desires of human nature. I was one who used to flitter away time watching TV ("entertain me".) Now, unless it is a show that I REALLY enjoy, after watching TV I feel dirty. We have a joke in our house about loosing IQ points after watching a contrived show.

    I feel very lucky that in addition to my work, which I enjoy, I can follow my passion. My passion is writing about attitude and the internet gives me an audience and the ability to interchange ideas, philosophies and life experiences with people from around the world.

    When blogging, I can feel my intelligence actually increasing. And, I believe that I am giving something worthwhile to the world.

    Surjit, I know, after reading some of your posts, that you feel the same way. We are indeed very fortunate people.

    By the way, I have linked my site to yours.

  17. Thanks Monday Morning Power,for your nice words and insightful views.I really appreciate your meaningful participation.
    My best wishes.