Inner Security

"Security, everyone knows, is a major concern in life. Security concerns have many facets i.e. one's place of living should be protected from elements of nature, protection from internal as well external threats etc. Then one should be financially secure too, in order to meet one's daily needs as well as have enough for a rainy day.

While acknowledging the importance and need for all these facets of security, let us remember there is one facet of security in the absence of which all other facets of security would not be able to serve their ultimate purpose (called peace, happiness or fulfilment). This vital facet lies in being able to have inner security.

It is quite an irony of our times that while we seek to fortify our life from without, we just do not care a fig as to what is happening within our mind. It is an amusing fact of life that while we are very wise and careful in matters concerning money, we are so careless and casual about matters relating to our inner life.

We forget that most problems of life have their inner origin and thus need an inner solution rather than tinkering with outer fixing. We are quick to complain, for instance, about increasing violence and unrest in the world but rarely, if ever, do we look into the violence that exists in our mind. With so much of hostility within, what else can we expect to happen outside?

While we live in spiritual slum called our impure minds, we construct impressive structures outside.

To know what is happening in our minds, we need to develop inner detectors and radars.

Protecting oneself from within requires a sharp mind. It is not what we profess to be but we really are. What we are deep within only we know.

Inner chamber consists of not only our deepest thoughts and convictions but also our intentions, expressed or unexpressed.
One requires a refined mind to detect what is happening within the mind. This is why all spiritual masters lay so much emphasis on purity of mind. The purer a mind, the greater is the possibility of understanding and controlling it.

Impure mind is a past master in creating false grounds for continuing its present state of being."What do you think?

Source: An article from R.K Math Magazine



  1. Hi Surjit,

    Very nice article!

    I quite resonate with the comment, "We forget that most problems of life have their inner origin and thus need an inner solution rather than tinkering with outer fixing."

    If the world was filled with peaceful minds, there would be no problems! :-)

    And, when are minds are at peace, we see the world differently.

    I still have a long way to go but I at least have a glimmer of this truth!

    Thank you surjit,


  2. And, when are minds are at peace, we see the world differently...'

    Yes Jennifer,you are quite right in your words mentioned above..
    Thanks for your valuable comments.

  3. Good Friday morning Surjit ! Would you be willing to add me as a link ? Thank you ! I'd really appreciate it if you were willing !
    Loving Annie

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  5. Hi Surjit,

    Very true.. many concern about security to survive. However, many tend to lose themselves to the world and become worldly unless they could find peace or security.

    Well, it all starts from our mind. Our thoughts control our life. Thus, we need to be renewed by the renewing of our mind!

    Thanks for the post.
    Best Wishes

  6. Yes,mind the real culprit.We have to bridle it.
    Thanks Sam Chan,for adding your precious views to my post.
    My best wishes.

  7. Surjit;

    "The purer the mind, the greater is the possibility of understanding and controlling it." I know from my own fleeting experience with feeling at peace, I was able to control the mayhem in my mind and security was not an issue. I am working on bringing that feeling back all the time...

  8. It seems dear surjit that I always turn to you when I hear you. Today I wrote a very revealing post and I thought I must go seek surjit. As always, it is almost uncanny how when this have written about something that relates to what I have just spoken or thought about. One of my greatest desires is to just simply come close to the level you have reached. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher. ~jackie

  9. Nice to see you Beth,after a long time.I know you were busy.
    Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts.
    My best wishes.

  10. Shinade,I am really overwhelmed by your kind words.
    I have mentioned on my profile page about me:Knowledge Seeker:
    So I am a student and not a teacher..
    Your posts are very insightful.
    Thanks for your inspiring message.
    My best wishes.

  11. this is very true Surjit, sometimes our problems stems from some inner origin and thus require inner solutions. looking inwards, we may be surprised at how many things we have taken for granted.

    Always a very nice post Surjit. and thank you for adding me in your is trully an honor. God bless you!

  12. Thanks Sophiagurl,for sharing your valuable thoughts.Your participation has always a source of inspiration for me.
    Good luck.

  13. Thanks Speedcat, for your visit.You have a wonderful blog.
    Good luck.

  14. Hi surjit what a beautiful post. Inner purity enlarges the human hearts capacity for love. Like the good wine, it should gain in quality with the years. Peace be to you and your love ones.

  15. Norie, I fully agree with your valuable words:
    '...Inner purity enlarges the human hearts capacity for love..'
    Thanks for sharing your views.Best wishes.