Education VS. Wisdom

"A group of learned professors chose to spend a relaxing vacation at a remote farm.Their host was a simple farmer who had never seen the inside of a school.

The professors were astonished to see the order and discipline with which the farm functioned.

Corn and wheat grew aplenty in the fields; the orchard yielded delicious fruits, healthy cows and calves gazed peacefully on the green meadows. The little farm prospered beautifully.

"How did you manage all this? they asked the humble farmer..

"I am afraid I am uneducated," he replied."So I use only my brain"..
What do you think?



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  5. Learning can be through experience or in books/the classroom.
    Both are valuable.

    Happy Sunday to you, Surjit !

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  9. Schools, Colleges or Universities are only places where one acquire knowledge formally. Everyone can always educate themselves throughout their journey in life.

    Till a person really able to make use of whatever had been taught or self-learned, the person is still not really educated. Experience is the source of wisdom.

    Those that have strings of degrees (great job and should be honored) mustn't look down on those that do not have any. Wisdom cannot be taught!

    Thanks for this wonderful post, Surjit.
    Best Wishes

  10. Sam Chan, I fully agree wirh your views:
    ....'Wisdom cannot be taught..
    Definitely, acquiring education and knowledge is one thing and being wise is another.
    Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts.Good luck.

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  12. Surjit, my view is.... the farmer may be uneducated, but he practices his expertise using his little knowledge that he posses. So, as time goes by, his knowledge in this area is getting better each day through all the hardwork.

    "Practice makes Perfect"

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  14. Yes Janice, you are right.It is the practical experiece,more than education,make people wise.
    Thanks for sharing your views.Good luck.

  15. As many know my oldest is highly educated...yet she does not have 1 ounce of common sense. I on the other hand am educated through my life time of experiences. I am very happy for her though that she had the great gift God gave her. She did not have to learn as I did. But, I am equally as grateful for my gifts as well. Thank you surjit for all that you do for so many of us...I will always cherich you and I look forward to meeting you in heaven;)~Jackie

  16. All learning is of value. However there are times that we can think too much. Sometimes our intelligence gets in the way of other things like instinct and intuition. The wise person learns how to step back and take it all in.

  17. University education is required for highly technical work like brain surgery but other wise the main out come of the higher education system is to create a barrier to entry that corporations can use as an excuse to exclude people they don’t want to even interview. It gives people who are already in a higher socio economic status a huge advantage over poorer individuals and leads to even greater income disparity.

  18. Lovely post Surjit...

    Last Friday I spent some time working on a farm... I learned so much just from the earth, from its beauty, and miracles!

    Thanks for this...

    And blessings to you,


  19. Thanks Shinade,for your nice and motivating words about me.Your noble thoughts always inspire me.My good wishes.

  20. Desiree, I fully agree with your down to earth views:
    ...'Sometimes our intelligence gets in the way of other things like instinct and intuition. The wise person learns how to step back and take it all in....'
    Thanks for adding your valuable thoughts to my post.
    Good luck.

  21. Thanks John, for sharing your practical views.I value your participation.Good luck.

  22. Yes Jennifer, I agree with you.
    '..The poetry of earth is never dead..
    .God has spread the earth as a carpet for us..It is a wonderful gift. Thanks for sharing your views.Best wishes.

  23. AnonymousJuly 25, 2007

    Education is the source of knowledge and eligibility but practical implementation give results. Same in the case of farmer, books can give situation which are based on facts but the reality is far away from the books, which only comes when u implement something. No one can drive a car on the basis of Manual....

  24. Thanks Manpreet,for your valuable comments.Good luck.