Desires, Desires And more Desires

What is Desire: Whatever is, is not enough, more is required.

"We all know that desires are never fulfilled. We can have as much as we desire, but the moment we have it, desire goes on jumping ahead of us and starts asking for more.

It appears, sometimes, that if we could attain ' this ' or ' that' , there would be contentment, but it never happens. Consequently we remain stressful and lose our peace of mind.

We have, therefore, to understand desiring and its futility.In that understanding, desires

disappear and we feel peace of mind, because desires are the disturbance.When there is no desire,there is no disturbance."


"If thou wilt make a man happy, add not unto his riches, but take away from him his desires."



  1. Hi Surjit,

    Indeed, there is no end to craving. Hence contentment alone is the best way to happiness. Therefore, acquire contentment.

    There is a quotes that says:
    "Desire of having is the sin of covetousness."

    Whereas another quotes that says:
    "A burning desire is the greatest of all motivators and stimulators."

    Thus, it is important to strike a balance!

  2. Interesting. This reminds me of a PBS special I saw, called "The Question of God," which compares the lives and works of C.S. Lewis and Sigmund Freud. At one point, the host of the special talks about Lewis's understanding of "joy" as the the state of desiring (or, as a Sufi mystic might describe it, the state of longing):

    "When Lewis talks about joy, he talks about something that he labels the central theme of his whole life. But what he means by joy is not the satisfaction of a desire, but a desire that is more desirable than any satisfaction."

    The quote from Lewis himself that this refers to is: "There was no doubt Joy was a desire. But a desire is turned not to itself, but to an object. I had been wrong in supposing that I desired for Joy itself. All value lay in that of which Joy was the desiring. The naked other. Unknown, undefined, desired." In other words, the highest "joy" is the desire for God.

    An interesting idea... And important to keep in mind. Desire can be dangerous--the desire to possess or control. But if we deny ourselves our natural human inclination to long for the better, to long for fulfillment, then we risk denying ourselves joy. Similar to desire, I think joy is like fire--it can rage manic and out of control and become destructive, but it can also fuel us and warm us and light our way.

  3. I think its about what we desire. Do we desire peace love and happiness? Or do we desire things, cars, boats, houses etc. If you desire peace love and happiness and indeed seek it you will find a measure of contentedness. However if you desire material things you will always be hungry for more. Desire is not the bad thing it's what we desire that causes the trouble.
    Sorry I haven't been by in a while been so busy lately!

  4. Yes Sam Chan,we have to strike a balance. But at the same time we have to be watchful about the positivty of desires.Thanks for sharing and adding your experienced views.

  5. Thanks Ali, for sharing your insightful views.I really value your partcipation and support.My best wishes.

  6. Thanks Desiree, for sparing your time and adding your valuable views to my post.God Bless you.

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  8. Interesting, I once heard the affirmation "I deserve what I desire." Deserving feels similar to desiring in the context you are speaking of here. Is there even a need for deserving. Once again you have made me think. :)

  9. I think,God provides every thing what we deserve.We have only to make sincere and honest eforts.
    Thanks for sharing your views.
    Good Luck.

  10. That was a really good post. Can desires be good? I mean if we were always contempt with what we have would we have seen for example the technological advancements that have made our life easy? Wouldn't we have lost motivation if we were contempt?

    I don't know, just wanted to throw in some food for thought.

  11. I do understand that desire can never make you happy - only wanting more. I think even wanting desiring peace and good will for all will drive you the wrong direction because it is a desire most will never reach. I hope for the day when I can just be...

  12. No, we don't have to show contempt
    to desires.Though technology has made our life easy,there are inherent ill effects also. Has it given more peace of mind and real happiness to humanity?These are the questions to be pondered over.Thanks Reformer,for your sharing your views.Good luck.

  13. Thanks Beth, for sharing your practical views.Wish you good luck.

  14. Its a bliss to be contented sometime.
    Its not abt wat u want its abt how to make the best out of wat u had.
    Thou having a dream or goal is not bad a motivation too. Contradicting isnt it. =P
    Thnks for swinging by thou.

  15. Yes,it is neither bad to have a dream or a goal nor making efforts to achieve it.But in case you are unable to achieve the same,you should not come under stress and in case you have it fulfilled, you should be contented and be thankful to God.
    Thanks for sharing your practical views.Good luck.

  16. AnonymousMay 28, 2007

    Well said, Contentment, is the write word to end desires. But we are humans, our desires alwyz. become greed which will not reach the stage of contentment... Thanks...

    Manpreet Bedi