Life........An Uphill Task

"Life can either be lived as a downhill phenomenon or as an uphill task.If we are moving downhill, it is convenient and comfortable.No effort is needed on our part,no risk, no challenges.But there is no gain either. We simply drift from birth to death. Life remains a vast emptiness.
When we choose for another path i.e. opt for the upward journey, we find it is hard, it is dangerous,full of challenges, and we face all sorts of impediments at every step.But it brings out the best in us.

"The harder the conflict,

the more glorious the triumph."

When we put our total energies to the task, we find our lives blooming and there is a sense of fulfillment, a contentment, a blessing. Ultimately it creates a soul in us."



  1. Life's struggles pave the way for the road ahead...

    Have a wonderful afternoon, Surjit! :)

  2. Yes, you are right Box1715,life is a struggle and we have to cope up with it.Thanks for sharing your valuable views.Best wishes.

  3. Absolute truth... another great message... take care and peace...

  4. Thanks Lyn, for your kind words.Good luck.

  5. Yes, life is full of dangers, and to be engaged and not angered by the struggle is often not easy. But we must try. Thanks for the reminder, surjit.

  6. Thanks Seev, for sharing your insightful views.I always value your participation.Greetins.

  7. Hi Surjit..

    You are so right!

    This post reminds me of a little quote that is powerful in its simplicity...

    "There is only one way to coast.... downhill!" ;-)

    Thanks for the reminder to be ever vigilent!

    Blessings and peace,


  8. Very rightly said Jennifer,:There is only one way to coast......downhill"We have to face the challanges of life.Thanks for adding your valuable views.

  9. I am really grateful for your blessings.Good luck to you.