Are We Keeping OurSelves Happy?

"We, as members of the society, perform various duties towards our children,our family,towards the society and the Nation.But we ignore our real duty i.e. to keep ourselves self poised and self pleased.Our primary service to the world is to keep ourselves cheerful and happy.To be sorrowful and miserable is a social and religious crime.We are not supposed to spread the disease of melancholy to our fellow citizens.
Our prime duty in the world, therefore, is to keep ourselves happy. And if every one of us performs this duty religiously,the entire society and the nation will be cheerful. I quote a few selected lines from Ella Wheeler Wilcox's poem:

"Laugh and the world laughs with you'
Weep and you weep alone:..............

Sing and the hills will answer,
Sigh! it is lost in the air

Be glad and your friends are many,
Be sad and you lose them all........."

The message is plain and simple:Be Cheerful,Be Peaceful."


  1. Very very true! Our own personal happiness is crucial. In fact if one loves one's family the best gift one can give them is to be truly happy! It is sure to rub off and they are sure to learn lessons of being happy themselves!

    Keep up the great work here!

  2. Great post Gurushabad. You said it clearly.

    Spend your time carefully...good things leave no time for the best things.

    One practical step toward happiness.

  3. Truly said Desiree.Love for others is the first step towards attaining happiness.Thanks for sharing your valuable views.I always value your participation.Best wishes.

  4. Nicely said Bryan Baker..:good things leave no time for the best things..:Thanks for adding your insightful views.Good luck.

  5. "disease of melancholy" indeed it is a malady. but perhaps in the so called modern world it is not noted as such.

    yet in many cultures where not everything is written in books, it is called that out right.. and quite boldly.

    when ones body is moving in way (literally)that indicates to others, say in a field where all must use scythes all day, thus creating a rhythm and an individual who is carrying a heavy, sad burden was so enter the field, using the scythe in a way that disrupted the whole rhythm, miserable and out of tune with all, this would and does create discord and the individual would be told to leave for the day as it serves no one.

  6. Thanks Jacksta, for sharing your views and experiences.Best wishes.

  7. This is all true. We must be happy and think about the positive side of things, so we spread positive energy towards our friends and community. Seen the negative side and negative attitude generate negative energy this in turn will affect your relationships also. The main social problem we have is everyone looking at the negative side of the world. Great topic Surjit. Keep going. My good wishes.

  8. Thanks Mahesha, for adding your insightful views. You are right in saying that negative thoughts generate negative energy.Your thoughts have always been a source of inspiration for me.Best wishes.

  9. being happy is a conscious effort!

  10. Yes tisha, you are right.Thanks for sharing your views.Best wishes.

  11. I have only just to begun to understand that my happiness is more important! As always Love to read what you have to say!

  12. Thanks kates,for nice words and expressing your experiences.I value your participation.

  13. I LOVE this surjit!

    So, so true!

    I agree with every ounce of my being.

    It is only when we are happy, alive, vibrant, at peace that we can give our unique gifts and creativity to this world!

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder!



  14. Thanks jennifer, for your kind and motivating words.I am glad that you have liked my post.Best wishes.