"Every man alone is sincere. At the enterance of a second person, HYPOCRISY begins."
"All humans are hypocrites;the biggest hypocrite of all is the one who claim to detest ."


  1. Do you think people become hypocrites only because they have to live the hypocrites

  2. I think hypocrisy is 'inbuilt'in one form or the other in human beings.Exceptions are rare.Thanks for sharing your views.

  3. Time, Space and me generates when someone enters your life. And the beginning of hypocrisy

  4. You are perfectly right, mahesha.You have clarity about life.My good wishes.

  5. This reminds me of something I read recently, about the fact that no human is honest. I suspect it's true. It has upset my value system a bit, although I don't plan to run around openly lying. Perhaps I'll become a bit quicker to forgive when I catch someone lying, if I accept that it's human nature.

  6. Yes betty, you have understood one part of human nature, and we have to accept it.Thanks for adding your valuable views.

  7. In order to understand the meaning behind hypocrisy and what is meant I first turn to its general definition.

    Hypocrisy: a pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess

    But many people have different forms of what they believe hypocrisy to be. I believe that it is within a nutshell.

    This goes back to Life...
    Perception, Perception of our selves and the perception of others.

    If you are knowingly lying those that make you a liar?

    If you are unknowingly lying those that make you a liar?

    What or who is to say what a liar is?

    Through are perception of the truth?

  8. You have given the right definition of hypocrisy,Truewurdz.People may twist it according to their benefits/gains.The fact reamins,as you have said,it is within a nutshell.Thanks for sharing your noble thoughts.

  9. Honestly, you sound like you're trying to justify being a hypocrite. Dont come down on those people that that make an earnest effort to not be hypocrites.