Elements of Right Living

"There are two broad based principles governing human actions.The first of the two principles is based on the attitude of 'giving'.The second is based on the attitude of 'taking'.Now imagine,if the attitude of taking prevails in the society,we will find its members are possessed with multifold selfish demands and desires.Consequently there is struggle, stress, strain and chaos in the society.There will be no harmony.On the other hand ,where' giving ' attitude prevails,there is peace,happiness harmony and dignity.The dignity of human race is founded upon the principle of 'giving'.As Victor Hugo said in his famous classic'Les Miserables' "Life is to give , not to take."
No sooner are we born, the world provides us for our living.So, as long as we live ,we must maintain a sense of gratitude to the world and serve the society.''Be content to serve" said Jesus Christ.


  1. What an interesting perspective and very true!

  2. Thanks Desiree, for sharing your views.Best wishes.

  3. It is amazing how simple this concept is yet so many people do not get it. I am in a traditional "taking" profession - sales. Yet, when give, and make sure that everyone wins, I find that my relationships with all involved are long and prosperous.

  4. Keep up the good posts. I love checking here and finding some more good reading.

  5. Thanks Beth, for sharing and adding your true life experiences.I value your contribution.Best wishes.

  6. Thanks Bryan, for all your motivation and support.Good Luck.

  7. I too like to visit and read your post. They make me think about my life and how I live it and remind of what I should be doing, not what I am doing. With thanks to God, I am giving now and not taking as I did before. I am truly a happier person and it has brought an inner peace to me. Thanks for your words and I look forward each day to see what is next.

  8. I love to give! But I have to learn to take, sometimes, too. Others, I have to remember, also like to give, and if I spurn their giving, I take away some of the joy others feel.

    So I have to find a balance. But giving is so close to my heart, it is difficult.

    Thank you for such thought provoking posts!

  9. Very true and very well said.

  10. Thanks sylvia,for sharing your valuable experiences with us.From your writings, it appears that you a very honest and sincere person at heart.May His Blessings be with you.Best wishes.

  11. Yes marion, you are right.We have to think from others point of view also while receiving.There is a difference between demanding and receiving.I aree with your point of view.Thanks for your kind words.

  12. Thanks blessed1, for kind words and sharing your views.Best wishes.

  13. What a wonderful post. I think it is in our nature to give. Until they learn otherwise, most children share what they have with others freely. We just need to teach ourselves how to be that way again.

  14. Yes daria black,you are right.In this world of materialism,we are forgetting the basic human instincts.Thanks for adding your valuable views.Best wishes.

  15. I blogged about a similar idea this morning... it is only when we embrace this understanding that life is about giving, and only when we release our selfish impulses that we can reflect love, peace and our true self. Very lovely post Surjit! Blessings to you always, Jennifer

  16. Jennifer,you have used the right words:when we release our selfish impulse: we can reflect love for others,which ultimately manifest our true selves.Thanks for adding your valuable views.Your thoughts are a continuous support for me.Thanks.


    inside I feel shattered
    like a million pieces
    my thoughts are scattered
    on everything but Jesus

    let Your love make me whole
    let Your will take control
    cleanse me with Your Spirit
    renew my heart and my soul

    guide me on Your path
    to help others who are lost
    You bought me with Your blood
    that You poured upon the cross

    You lift me like kings
    You speak to me in dreams
    You give me hope in despair
    And forgive me for all things

    Kerry Dale Hancock Jr
    messenger in Christ

  18. Thanks Kerry Dale Hancock Jr, for posting a prayer on my blog.It will remain a continuous source of blessing and inspiration for me.My best wishes.