"Consideration for others is one trait which we often tend to ignore.When we talk of

maintaining relations or friendships, we list qualities like loyalty, love, understanding or

dependability etc.But we forget that consideration is the silent factor which cements the bonds

and adds value and depth to the relationships.Whether at home or in the office,while dealing

with an office peon,driver or the CEO, consideration for others is the ability to look at things

from other's point of view."

"Consideration for others is the basic of a good life and good society."


  1. Sometimes I think that people don't mean to be inconsiderate. I think often they just don't realize because they are not thinking and then there are those that are inconsiderate because they choose to be. In the end they hurt themselves just as much as they hurt those around them.
    It's important that we be mindful of other's feelings in everything we do.

  2. You are right, Desiree.We should always be mindful of being considerate while dealing with people around us.Thanks for adding your valuable views.Good luck.

  3. I agree to every thing you have stated. I also think if you have consideration for others in work place or in your relationships you will do your duties to the best of your ability without anticipating the other person to do his or her part always as you think it should be done.

    They are just being their self. and expect them as they are.

  4. Well said Mahesha.In a few words you have explained the importance of being considerate without expecting anything in return.Thanks for sharing your experienced views.Good wishes.

  5. I agree with you in all that is said in this post and comments that have been made.

    Consideration is important in every aspect of our lives. We need to consider our words before we speak to others and ask ourselves how we would feel if they were spoken to us. It is nice if others are considerate of us but if they aren't, we should never let that stop us from being considerate of others.

  6. Yes Sylvia,you are absolutely right.We should continue to do our duties without any expectations.But ultimately people understand your feelings of being considerate and will respond accordingly.Thanks for sharing your valuable views.Good wishes.

  7. I try to always treat others the way I want to be treated. I continually put myself in other peoples place to understand them.

    And when I project positive energy towards people, I get it back, in spades!

    Good post, Surjit!

  8. Thanks Marion , for sharing your valuable views and experiences.I am glad you have liked the post.My good wishes.

  9. thanks jackal,for your participation.Good luck