"There are no passangers on Spaceship Earth.We are all crew."
"The earth does not belong to any one.It is the land upon which all of us are to live for many years.........You are always a guest on this earth and have the austerity of a guest.Austerity is
far deeper than owning only a few things."


  1. Your post for today made me learn the meaning of austerity. I think you are correct that we are guests on Earth and we should treat it as such.

  2. Thanks azgraylady63, for kind words.My good wishes.

  3. Yes we are guests on the earth, so we have to be nice and we have to keep the earth nice, because one day we will leave!

  4. Thanks fatma, for adding kind and pragmatic words.Good luck.

  5. A piece I have written comes to mind:

    "Left in a world reputed for its sarcastic livelihood of Fantastic absence of politeness.
    Exasperated within its own breath of darken air seized between the clutches of ignorance obtain by the intelligent mind;
    for it cannot see past its own ego which remains like an unwanted soar.
    Its pieces scatter across the vengeful swarm of society
    created within its own craft less hands
    scratched and etched on the surface of this earth
    To one day be blown away due to its own Negligence.
    This is our world."

  6. Wow,what a brilliant piece of writing.Thanks for nice addition.My good wishes.