"Compassion is the finest weapon and best defence.
If you would establish harmony,
Compassion must sorround you like a fortress.

Therefore:A good soldier does not inspire fear;
A good fighter does not display aggression;
A good conquerer does not engage in battle;
A good leader does not exercise authority.

This is the value of unimportance;
This is how to win cooperation of others;
This is how to build the same harmony that is in nature."................................Tao.


  1. Cheers :)
    I'm NeoGarfield, Mohan K.Pillai from blogforpeace :)

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  3. Wonderful words of wisdom to live by!

  4. Thanks desiree, for kind words.

  5. In my opinion and my opinion only, as to not down the artistic creation of this peace but to more fully understand it a phrase from it came to my mind.

    "compassion must sorround you like a fortress"

    For some reason, I'm not to found of this phrase...

    compassion should arise from the knowledge of oneself.

  6. Yes,Truewurdz.Once you have understood yourself, knowledge of human nature comes naturally.Thanks for your views.

  7. Beautiful and so true.
    I will include it at Life Coach Snippets
    on 10 April.
    Namaste, Thea