"An angel whispered in my ear today of peace and joy and love.
Not just for me but for all humankind,
The angel said that we are the beautiful sparks that shot off from God..........
We are the many and we are the one.
When we fight, we fight with ourselves.
When we love, we love ourselves..........
We all know this in our true selves.
We all know this in our souls."

Last night I begged the wise one to tell me the secret of the world.
Gently , gently he whispered.
Be quiet , the secret cannot be spoken,
it is wrapped in Silence.
~ Maulana Rumi~
“When the heart weeps for what it has lost,
the spirit laughs at what is has gained.”

Ships that pass in the night and speak each other in passing.
Only a signal shown and a distant voice in the darkness;
So on the ocean of life we pass and speak one another,
Only a look and a voice; then darkness again and a silence.
- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow-